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Anton Karpov

Web Developer / project manager

15+ years experience in IT

  • Russian (native)
  • English (professional)
Major Skills
  • Project Management
  • System architecture
  • FrontEnd development (react, angular)
  • BackEnd development (node.js, python)


Hello, I’m a Web Developer from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, currently living in Yerevan, Armenia. I have strong experience in web development (back end, front end, mobile). And can hold whole development process




    Non-commercial project to monitor air quality in Armenia.

    Website implementation (next.js with vercel). Maintenance and adding new features.

  • Tinkoff website builder


    No-code website builder for the customers of the biggest online bank in Russia.

    System architecture. Engineering management. Team leadership. Fullstack development. Technical project management.

  • Home and Commercial Software for the Trades.

    FrontEnd development. Platform development.


  • Niznhy Novgorod State Technical University2003-2009

    Network and Switching systemsBachelor+

Work Experiences

ServiceTitanAug 2020 - ...

staff software developer

  • FrontEnd developer in product teams (react)
  • Core FrontEnd developer (common tools for FE)
  • improved FE skills: react, mobx
  • micro-frontend experience, created CI/CD flow for micro-frontends that allows to release them safely
  • improved skills with app/micro-frontend bundling (webpack)
  • improved self-management skills

TinkoffJune 2017 — August 2020

senior software developer, engineering manager

  • FrontEnd developer (angular, ngrx, node.js)
  • BackEnd developer (node.js, express, postgres, redis, bull.js)
  • System architect
  • Engineering manager
  • Technical Project Manager
  • angular skills (ngrx, rxjs, angular builders etc)
  • highly improved lead skills
  • got lots of positive experience in engineering and project management
  • the architecture of a distributed system with lots of services, async queues etc.

ArtezioFeb 2014 — June 2017

software developer, development lead

  • Python developer
  • Team lead
  • Project management
  • FrontEnd developer
  • React Native developer
  • python skills
  • experience in working with distributed applications
  • react/react native skills
  • team lead skills
  • engineering management skills

Ultima BusinessWareNov 2012 — Feb 2014

software developer

  • Fullstack web developer (php + js)
  • ERP maintance and configuration (C#, VBScript)

MERAAug 2006 — Nov 2012

software developer

  • Developer of MTPL3-M3UA and SCTP protocol of SS7 stack
  • SIP phone development